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Noisey or Rusty Exhaust? Let us replace it for you!

How do I identify Exhaust problems?

If you notice any of the following you should have your exhaust checked to find out whether any parts need replacing;

Sometimes you might get the following noises

1. Rattling – a rattling noise may indicate loose brackets holding the system in place

2. Blowing – a blowing noise could be a potential problem with the silencer or pipework

Emissions problems

Blue smoke – this could indicate a fault in the engine which is putting burnt oil into the exhaust system and resulting in blue smoke

White smoke – white smoke when first started is normal. If it continues, this could be due to an internal coolant leak and the white smoke is the result of burning antifreeze. If there are no water leaks underneath your car it could be a leaking head gasket or a crack in the engine.

Visual appearance

Rust or corrosion on the pipes as well as cracks, especially where the pipes connect could indicate a problem with your exhaust system.

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